Steve Kantor

Lifebushido believes that anything is possible.

Steve Kantor, President – Background biography:

                ·                     Grew up in West Coast, San Diego, California.

·                     Lived in East Coast, Washington, DC since college.

·                     Graduated from Harvard University in 1981.

·                     Worked for an economic consulting firm for such clients as IMF, World Bank, State Department, and CIA from 1981-1983.

·                     Graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) with MA in International Relations and Global Theory in 1985.

·                     Spent one year traveling around the world from 1985-1986 with backpack.

·                     World traveler having gone to over 75 countries including Russia, China, Nepal, Burma, Indonesia, Japan, India, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Egypt.

·                     Founded Gnossos Software, Inc. in 1986, a vertical market software product company with a CRM-related product.  Bootstrapped company over 18 years and successfully sold to Vocus, Inc. in November 2004.  Vocus went public in December 2005.  See VOCS

·                     Father of three daughters in public high school, middle school, and elementary school in Bethesda, MD.

·                     Took a one-year sabbatical during 2005 after selling company to recharge, relax, read, talk to many people, and brainstorm new business ideas.

·                     Family started charitable effort of Project Backpack in September 2005,, and helped over 100 cities collect and deliver over 50,000 backpacks to kids of Katrina in less than 100 days.  Daughters were recognized for effort by joining President and Laura Bush in lighting National Christmas Tree in December 2005.

·                     Author of “Lessons Learned by a Young Entrepreneur” and website

·                     Voracious reader of business, science, psychology books and sharer of hundreds of compiled book notes on

·                     Creator of Goal Focus synthesis of various goal-setting and personal growth pursuits on  Provider of goal series of real estate agents at

·                     YRUHRN project creator of "Why Are You Here - Right Now" book, project, and website of book written by one thousand people around the world and created as a joint venture with Ishidos.  See

·                     President, Orange Passion, a consulting firm helping companies find passionate customers and get innovative ideas and collaboration from those customers.  See

·                     President, Best Agent Business,, providing part-time business assistants to help top 10% of real estate agents grow their business using their unique talents.  Publisher of book Billion Dollar Agent - Lessons Learned at

·                     President, Lifebushido, involved with building a global network of stay-at-home-moms and other people working part-time from home using their unique talents.  See