Lifebushido is building a global network of people working part-time
from home with flexible hours using their unique talents.

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Lifebushido believes that people working part-time from home are an incredibly capable and vastly underutilized group of people for getting great work completed.  We have been in business since 2006 and we have about 100 people around the world working part-time with Lifebushido.

  • We have people working with us who are work-from-home Moms and Dads, seniors in encore careers, students, caregivers, and more.  We are an incredibly diverse group of people around the world.
  • The work performed is business services for small business entrepreneurs including database work, customer service calling, accounting, marketing, recruiting, admin, and more.  
  • Everyone works from 10-25 hours per week with very flexible hours.  We work as a team and always seek to help each other and help our clients.
  • After a few months, we mutually explore your unique talents and the needs of Lifebushido ventures to determine the best work to fit your unique talents.
  • We especially seek to hire Leaders who like to manage projects, people and clients.  
If interested in finding out more information and applying for a job, send an email now to or join our email list to learn more about Lifebushido.